01 Aug

Several years ago, when I was asked to lead yoga at a retreat for women who lost their babies, I was both honored and inspired!  This amazing retreat was led by the courageous and amazing Ady Dorsett.  I fell in love with that first group of women as they laughed and cried together in this step toward healing, a step toward finding connection with others who understood the pain they have endured.  I felt the amazing energy that Ady had created, and over the years I have been blessed to share yoga at more Hayden's Heart retreats as she shared this healing experience with more moms.  

At some point Ady realized that the next step was to create her own healing space to hold retreats, thus birthing the idea of Hayden's House of Healing.  The vision is for this space to hold multiple retreats each year for couples, families and women who have been through the incredible loss of a child.  Check out Ady's recent video which grabbed my heart and hopefully speaks to you as well...

At Appel Interiors, we believe in the importance of creating space, in creating a beautiful space and Hayden's House of Healing fits perfectly with our mission. Our ongoing pledge is to donate 10% of all sales to help build & sustain Hayden's House of Healing.  

You can also contribute directly.  

Let's get this off to a strong start: for the month of August, we will donate 50% of all sales!!!